Run faster & prevent niggling injuries in just 6 weeks or your MONEY back – with running coach London Gerald Smith

Find out why running incorrectly can lead to injuries and slower running times!

  • Running technique assessment to identify faults
  • Strength training program to increase speed
  • Coaching to find the running style that suits your body type
  • Improved running form in just 6 weeks
  • Full money back guarantee

Are you fed up of going round and round in circles with the following problems?

  • Seeing no progress in improveing your running times
  • Find that you are repeatedly getting injured
  • Feeling niggles and strains after your long runs
  • Not able to beat your PB or improve your ranking
  • Afraid to increase your milage out of fear of injury

Injuries can be a thing of the past thanks to this running coach London

  • Introducing my running packages to reduce injuries and increase running speed
  • Strengthen your core and running muscles
  • Detect weak muscles by screening your movements
  • Test your core strength
  • Increases speed and reduce injury

You will experience MAJOR changes to your running style in just 6 weeks – guaranteed!

Or you get ALL your money back!

Are you still not convinced? See what previous customers have had to say!

lee wiliams
“I first started working with Gerald because I was impressed with his passion and knowledge of  training. My 5K times have gone down and I feel more stronger.
lee wiliams
Lee Williams
As a registered osteopath & runner I have a  interest in running biomechanics and I wanted to find out how Gerald could help me with my running.   I was very impressed with his knowledge and choice of exercises .”
Nick cowan
Nick Cowan
“I really enjoyed my training sessions with Gerald. I found structure and workouts very well tailored for what I wanted to achieve. He monitored success closely and adapted the plan accordingly. I was very impressed with the video-running analysis which clearly showed my body’s weak points. We achieved great results and I got many good tips for overall improved fitness.”
Tanya Davies

Can faulty running technique lead to running injuries?

Yes, 100% it can!

running coach London

When we run there are certain muscles that become stronger and shorter in length, while other muscles become too weak.

This muscle imbalance that can be caused by the repetetive nature of running can sometimes lead to injury or niggles.

Some of the other things that may cause muscle injuries can be increased milage and faulty running technique.

The running programs offered by Run Perfect will look to identify which muscles may be weak and causing you to get injured.

Once identified we will put a strength program in place to strengthen your weak muscles.

The second part of the program is to identify faulty running habits and to find the best running form for you.

Here is what you get from this running technique coaching program

  • Full biomechanical analysis of your running technique
  • Full movement screen to identify muscle imbalances
  • Bespoke running program to intergrate your ideal running pattern into your current training program.
  • Personal running coaching, strength training program to work on your running muscles, motivation and mentoring to ensure that you achieve the best results
  • Increase your running speed​ and reduce injury risk​
  • Improved core strength​
  • Faster running and reduced injury risk in just 6 weeks.
  • 100% of your money back if you don't get the results you want.
Running Personal Training

100% Money Back Guarantee

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Risk free results in just 6 weeks or your money back guaranteed

I am so confident that you will be running better and faster at the end of the 6 weeks that I am offering a full money back guarantee. Join today and try either my running technique coaching service or strength training for runners, I promise you will not regret it.

If for whatever reason over the next 6 weeks you do not feel that this program is for you then all you need to do is let me know and I will refund your money in full. There wont be any hard feelings.

Running technique coach london

6 weeks from now you could be running faster without niggling aches and pains looking back with pride at the results you have achieved because of the action that you decided to take.....

…..or you can do nothing and see no changes and just be the same as you are now.

I have tried everything to remove the risk and fear of taking my programmes. Now it's down to you to do the rest.
Gerald Smith

6 week running technique coaching

I can help improve your performance, technique and longevity while helping you get into shape the healthy way with my effective, personalized plans.

Strength training for runners

You’ll experience improved core strength during training, resulting in improved performance, lower risk of injury and outstanding results or your money back.