12 week home workout plan

Here are all my HIIT programs taken from my 12 week home workout plan. This weight loss plan is designed to help you drop 5% body fat.

Please go back to week 1 of this 12 week weight loss plan to see the full workouts with descriptions that accompany each exercise.

12 Week HIIT Workout Program To Lose Weight

At Home HIIT Workouts


Here are the full workouts:

Week 1-4Week 5-8Week 9-12
Week 1Week 5Week 9
Week 2 Week 6Week 10
Week 3 Week 7Week 11
Week 4Week 8 Week 12

The workout plan above is designed to give you enough time for recovery in between each workout plan.

Home Workout Week 11 and 12

Home Workout Week 10 and 9

Home Workout Plans Week 8 and 7

Home Workout Plans Week 6 and 5

Home Workout Plans Week 4 and 3‚Äč

Home Workout Plans Week 2 and 1